The Division 2 – Logo Sketch

The other week I was taking a break from digital drawing and thought it would be good to work with some traditional materials for a change. And with the excitement of The Division 2 launching, I thought it would be fun to sketch out the SHD logo. I didn’t have my smudge stick with me, so instead I used the fine pencil shavings and my fingers to get that smudged look.

When you’ve been drawing digital for a while, its interesting to jump back to traditional. One thing I kept trying to do was “pinch to zoom”, like I would on my surface, only to stop half way through and realize “oh right, I’m not drawing digital”. Eventually, after a few laughs and funny quirks, traditional comes back and flows naturally.

The Division 2 SHD Logo, in HB Pencil.
The Division 2 SHD Logo.

Splatoon 2

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Splatoon 2

Working away on some Splatoon 2 art with the new Surface Pen. I’m really enjoying the new pressure sensitivity compared to the previous one.

As this is a work in progress, I’m not sure if I’ll add in another character to this or not. But regardless, having lots of fun along the way!

Halo 2 Master Chief

I’ve been working on a new Halo piece, specifically from Halo 2. It had been a while since I last drew a proper piece from the Halo franchise.

Though it’s not quite done, I thought I would post some screeshots of my current work in progress. Continue reading “Halo 2 Master Chief”

Another evening with Pokémon Go

I’ve been playing Pokémon Go for a few days now and I gotta say it’s awesome!

There’s so many cool aspects: walking around exploring, finding random Pokémon, hanging out with friends and showing each other what you’ve caught; just to name a few. But there’s one really unique thing that stands out about this game/app – it’s pulling people together from all over! I’m sure every where you go (including online), all your hearing about is Pokémon Go. Have you noticed all the people gathering around though? It’s pretty easy to spot a crowd of people looking down at their phones.
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Pokemon Go!

Pokemon Go is finally here, though unofficially in Canada. But that isn’t stopping players from having an early go at it! I ventured out on the weekend only to find a bunch of players around my area, all with phones drawn, looking for Pokemon as they walk about.
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