Adrian Foy on Stan Lee’s Site

** Update: As of this year, Stan Lee’s website had been redone and this link is no longer active **

The 2012 Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo was a major stepping stone for my art career. Yuka Kobayashi, the Director of New Media and Alternative Content for Stan Lee, stopped by my table and we began chatting. After flipping through my art portfolio, she asked if I would like a Guest blog spot on Of course saying yes, I went through my work figuring out which pieces to submit. Along with a handful, I was asked to submit a bio about myself. This is what I wrote:

” About Adrian Foy

Since the days of childhood, I have always loved comics and cartoons. I would sit there on Saturday mornings watching my favorite cartoons, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Spider-Man, or playing the video game counterpart. Not much has changed since then and I can easily say that I love it.

I’ve always been quite the “creative” one, according to friends and family and it wasn’t until my mid teen years that I really started to play around with drawing. Making nothing of it, I would do my own thing until the days came when friends began to notice my skills progressing and would get me to draw characters or such for their school projects. Seeing my art evolve over the years firsthand, friends would often talk to me about going to an art school of some sort, but I never did attend. I found myself often butting heads with the idea of a structured linear creative environment. Instead I took a few Figure and Perspective non-credit classes to help progress my skills and kept doing what I was doing; working average jobs and passionately drawing. Eventually, after being influenced by a close artist friend, I began to find my own style experimenting with heavier shades of lead, ink, water color, and eventually combining them. What makes me so passionate about my work is combining these mediums to get results that are different from art that’s already out there.

Three years ago, I was encouraged to sign up for an artist table at the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo. Never looking back, I began to take my art seriously. The feedback I received at the expo was something I never experienced before and so I progressed, broadening my styles and pushing the limits to what I knew (with the help of fellow artist friends, of course). The second year at the CCEE I tried a few different styles but mainly stuck to the “tried and true” and built from that. The outcome from this was great and it was another good convention. Just recently I made my third year appearance at the CCEE in April of 2012 and this time I knew I had to work even harder. I did. I took on commissions for the first time, played with new styles, and had fresh new pieces of work which made the outcome amazing. I’ve never been so passionate about what I’ve been doing until now, and most importantly having fun while doing so.

The thing I love about Super Heroes is that they always inspire to do good. They are not afraid of what the public thinks or feel. The great thing about comic conventions is that you see a lot of this; people dressing up however they feel and acting how they feel. But what I love most about them is that they’re every day characters living a double live. Tony Stark is an inventive genius who created Stark Industries and Peter Parker works as a photographer for the Daily Bugle. How cool is that!

For the first time in the seven or so years that I’ve been drawing, I finished a Spider-Man piece as well as Captain America. I haven’t drawn too many Super Heroes but I always look to them for inspiration. It’s funny though because how these characters inspire me isn’t from their actions depicted throughout the comics, but rather how they’ve been interrupted by various artists in these comics. This inspires me to change up style, action shots, character details … the works.

I have yet to meet Stan Lee, but am looking forward to that day (hopefully soon). It would be such a privilege and amazing to meet him because he’s inspired me to not only create my own comic, but to also remain passionate about the ever-changing comic industry. ”

Below are the submission pieces I chose, and here is the link on Stan Lee’s site



During the 2012 Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo, I was asked by Yuka Kobayashi (Director of New Media and Alternative Content) if I would like a guest blog on Stan Lee’s Site. This is one of the pieces I drew up specifically for that. It’s a mixture of HB pencil, India ink and Prismacolor markers.