Halo 2 Master Chief

I’ve been working on a new Halo piece, specifically from Halo 2. It had been a while since I last drew a proper piece from the Halo franchise. Though it’s not quite done, I thought I would post some screeshots of my current work in progress. I started the drawing in Photoshop but it wasn’t […]

Tina and Claptrap finished // Edmonton Expo coming up!

Claptrap and Tina are complete! I finally finished this piece off just in time for the Edmonton Comic Expo and will have prints ready to go! I started this piece on my iPad using Procreate, then shifting it over to my Mac to continue working on it via Sketchbook Pro. This piece in particular I’m […]

Gearing up for the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo 2014!

It’s coming around to that time again – Comic Con Calgary! April 24-27th I’ll be at the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo in artist alley (booth L03). If you’ve managed to grab tickets, please stop by and say hi :). I’ll have 8 fresh new drawings and a few classics making a return! Cya soon […]

Every now and then..

Going about each day, you sometimes forgot what’s in front of you. The other day, that exact moment hit me when I received an email from a fan of my work. He’s been buying art from me for the past two expo’s now and now its been framed on his wall. To some it may […]