Tina and Claptrap finished // Edmonton Expo coming up!

Claptrap and Tina are complete! I finally finished this piece off just in time for the Edmonton Comic Expo and will have prints ready to go! I started this piece on my iPad using Procreate, then shifting it over to my Mac to continue working on it via Sketchbook Pro. This piece in particular I’m very excited with the end results, not only because the print quality was great, but also becuase this was the first major piece that I completed using both the mobile and desktop platforms together.

As the Edmonton Comic and Entertainment Expo is almost upon us, I will have this piece, as many others to choose from. Be sure to stop by and say hi, as it’s always nice to see familiar faces and meet new! I’ll be hanging out in Artist Alley all weekend at booth F19.


Gearing up for the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo 2014!

It’s coming around to that time again – Comic Con Calgary! April 24-27th I’ll be at the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo in artist alley (booth L03). If you’ve managed to grab tickets, please stop by and say hi :). I’ll have 8 fresh new drawings and a few classics making a return! Cya soon Calgary.

Borderlands 2

I’ve been working away on a Borderlands 2 piece for the upcoming Comic Expo in April. This piece consists of all 4 main characters with a very “loose” gritty feel to them.


Every now and then..

Going about each day, you sometimes forgot what’s in front of you. The other day, that exact moment hit me when I received an email from a fan of my work. He’s been buying art from me for the past two expo’s now and now its been framed on his wall. To some it may be something as simple as a piece of art on the wall, but to others (and to my self for that matter) it’s more than just that. I can’t fully describe the feeling, but its very humbling to see your work up on someone’s wall in a picture frame. That really makes me appreciate what it is that I do. Thanks Adam, this means a lot to me!