Procreate 2 coming soon

I wanted to change things up from my original type of posts and report that Savage Interactive, the creators of Procreate for iPad, are working on Procreate 2. This is very exciting news for artists across the board.

This is coming right from their own website:
” We’re going to let you in on a secret…

You might have been aware that earlier this year Procreate won an Apple Design Award. It was a big moment for us, and it inspired us to achieve even more with Procreate.

So that night to celebrate, we started working on Procreate 2. Our goal was to make Procreate 2 an evolution of the original Procreate. We wanted to refine the design and add some major new features.

We wanted it to be better.
We also wanted it to feel at home on the monumental change that is iOS 7.
And now, we’ve done it.  Procreate 2 is coming!

In improving the work we’ve already done over the past 2 years, Procreate 2 will feature a range of graphics accelerated image filters, built on Open GL. That means fast, real time adjustments. These aren’t pre-made consumer effects – they’re a suite of essential professional tools that will allow the user limitless possibilities.

And that’s just the beginning. There’s more information and more features to tell you about. We’ll have more news for you guys soon with further updates and the much anticipated release date for Procreate 2. “

I have acquired a Jot Touch!

I now am the owner of an Adonit Jot Touch and I have to say that I love it! Such a good investment as its going to be great for those quick digital sketches I want to get down.