Splatoon 2

Nintendo, Splatoon 2, Inklings
Splatoon 2

Working away on some Splatoon 2 art with the new Surface Pen. I’m really enjoying the new pressure sensitivity compared to the previous one.

As this is a work in progress, I’m not sure if I’ll add in another character to this or not. But regardless, having lots of fun along the way!

Tina and Claptrap finished // Edmonton Expo coming up!

Claptrap and Tina are complete! I finally finished this piece off just in time for the Edmonton Comic Expo and will have prints ready to go! I started this piece on my iPad using Procreate, then shifting it over to my Mac to continue working on it via Sketchbook Pro. This piece in particular I’m very excited with the end results, not only because the print quality was great, but also becuase this was the first major piece that I completed using both the mobile and desktop platforms together.

As the Edmonton Comic and Entertainment Expo is almost upon us, I will have this piece, as many others to choose from. Be sure to stop by and say hi, as it’s always nice to see familiar faces and meet new! I’ll be hanging out in Artist Alley all weekend at booth F19.


Private Blithe

I started this one as a sketch but it turned out into a finalized drawing. Inspired from Band of Brothers, I wanted to draw private Blithe from episode 4 Carentan.


Calla Lily done in Procreate

It’s funny how inspiration can just hit randomly somedays, while others it’s a struggle to get a few lines down. Here’s a drawing I did on my iPad mini in Procreate of a Calla Lily. The mediums I used were HB pencil, acrylic wash paint, and various colours of shading graphite.