Shaw Storyboard Commercial

In 2013 at a Shaw Year End celebration, I had an opportunity to discuss an idea with the VP of Customer Care National.

What started as an sketch idea, turned into a storyboard for a TV commercial. I did the storyboard layouts and my good friend, Ty Matlock, did the scripts for each of these. We pitched 3 storyboards to Jim Little (Chief Marketing Officer) and his Marketing Team and they chose the third storyboard. They then borrowed the storyboards, sending them off to the team, and the team started building the commercial from there. With a bit of back and forth from the marketing team, we made a few changes and had a more finalized result.

You can see each of the storyboards along with the scripts (Sorry for the photos - I don't have a scanner that scans 11x17).

And finally, you can see the finished video below. Please note, Ty and myself only created and supplied the storyboard illustrations and script. The marketing team handled everything from there on out.

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